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[Replay] Real-time, omnichannel customer experiences: you can do it!

Apr 13, 2021 | 7:55 AM - 8:05 AM


Learn more about Adobe's Real-time Customer Data Platform. Every marketer dreams of being able to create personalized experiences across all channels in real time and deliver the best customer experience. Integrating and activating authenticated and anonymous data in real time is now possible, but you need the right solutions. An Adobe expert interviewed by the HUB Institute will answer the questions you have about the Customer Data Platform. What is the purpose of a CDP? How is a CDP different from a data warehouse, a DMP or a CRM? What kind of data do we find in a CDP? Why should companies invest in a CDP? What are the benefits of CDP? What are the top 3 marketing problems solved with CDP? How do you implement it? Which brands are already using it? Why Adobe's CDP?

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