Data & AI for Business 2022

[Replay Masterclass] Delivering exceptional search experience wherever customers are looking for you


Can we imagine a world without search engines as they have become almost vital in people's daily lives? 90% of consumers say they use a search engine at each stage of their customer journey. While on average, 62% of website traffic is generated by search engines. It is therefore necessary to take very seriously the search experience that an organization is able to provide to its customers, when they are on Google of course, but also on their own website.   Nowadays, search is still too often confused with SEO, and consequently with Google, or Bing.   Moreover, the way we interact with technology and information is constantly changing. We are moving from a world where we used to click and navigate through documents to find the information we need, to a world where we just need to formulate queries in natural language to get direct answers to the most important questions we have.   Why are Knowledge Graphs, combined with NLP (Natural Language Processing) technologies, the best way to answer your customers' questions? Whether they are on an external search engine like Google, or on your own website. To increase your traffic of course. But also to convert more and avoid that your customers and prospects go back to Google because they did not find the answer to their questions on your own website. 

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