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The Source is the one-stop-shop for creative on mobile and social. The Source offers brands and their agencies a new way to create and optimize their mobile-first content and social ads, from creative data to production at scale. The Source's teams of creative strategists, producers, content creators and motion designers leverage a unique inspiration platform (15,000+ pieces of inspirational content) to generate attention-grabbing ideas from the first second, and technology tools to facilitate the creative process and optimize content for media performance in real time. The Source federates a network of 1,200 exclusive creators in 80 countries, able to respond to all types of creative production (from the transformation of a TV format or an image into a video designed for mobile, to the creation of original content in stop motion, 3D...), all at the best price. The result: highly creative mobile and social ads and content that engage and generate brand performance and conversions.

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Creative Lift, AI-based insights, for Creative Excellence

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