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Ekimetrics was founded in 2006 and is a European leader in 'data science for business'. The company’s mission is to help customers audit their data opportunities, enrich their analytical capital and deploy actionable solutions to maximise their marketing and operational performance and re-energise business models. With more than 240 data scientists, Ekimetrics is one of the largest independent teams in Europe. Ekimetrics' focus is delivering short-term gains while ensuring the long-term development of its customers' data assets. Since its inception, Ekimetrics has deployed more than 1000 data science missions in over 50 countries.

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Luxury Fashion: Building the customer experience of the future
Four ways data science can simultaneously deliver environmental & commercial quick wins for the fashion industry

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Maintaining global leadership through AI driven store location strategy
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Walking the data journey to drastically empower customer centricity through data science
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Leveraging data and machine learning to support Marketing & Risk transformation
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