Data & AI for Business


We offer you the opportunity to complement and enhance your on-site experience by participating in a 40-minute guided tour of our Innovation Village.

One of the main analysts of the HUB Institute will present you, according to your needs, the players present on site, their latest innovations 
and you will be able to attend demonstrations! 

In each tour, we have selected for you relevant stands and we will also visit the "Metaverse immersion" space 
which will allow you to understand concretely the ins and outs of this new trend.

2 round courses to choose from depending on your issues with times to suit you:

  • Round 1: "Data marketing & advertising" to boost your customer strategy (conquest, loyalty, relationship...)
    Tuesday, May 17th :  13h05 - 13h45 / Tuesday, May 17th : 18h - 18h40
  • Round 2: "Data-driven business" to improve the performance of your teams and your business efficiency
    Tuesday, May 17th : 18h50 - 19h30 / Wednesday, May 18th : 13h05 - 13h45

You will be in groups of 5-8 participants maximum and you will be able to ask questions to our analysts!

Demandez l'aide d'Adeline dès maintenant pour plus d'informations sur les innovations tours du HUBDAY Data & AI !

Adeline Jouanne

Membership & Communities Manager

+33 6 65 58 85 34